Oil and Gas Production


The demand for hydrocarbon products, ranging from crude oil to petrochemicals, necessitates that every company prioritize quality and maintenance. In this context, various chemicals—such as corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, biocides, and scavengers—play a crucial role in accelerating production, ensuring equipment safety, and optimizing the final products. These chemicals are carefully selected based on operational requirements, taking into account factors such as media type (sour or sweet), temperature, pH, salinity, water-cut, oil API, and compliance with operational safety and environmental regulations. Ultimately, cost-effectiveness remains a key consideration for refineries. Chemical Tasfyeh Co., a major player in chemical services across West Asia (including Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan), is actively engaged in research projects. Their goal is to develop tailored solutions to address challenging oil and gas scenarios both upstream and downstream. Specifically, they address the following issues:
  1. Corrosion: Combatting both sweet and sour corrosion using specialized corrosion inhibitors.
  2. Emulsions: Addressing water-in-oil (W/O) and oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions through a variety of emulsion breaker resins and surfactants (EO, PO copolymers, etc.).
  3. Bacteria and Algae: Controlling microbial growth using effective biocides.
  4. H2S: Mitigating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) challenges with scavengers such as (1, 3, 5) MEA triazine, glyoxal, amine adduct triazines, and MDEA.
  5. Scales: Formulating solutions to prevent scale formation.
By addressing these critical aspects, Chemical Tasfyeh Co. ensures reliability, compatibility with industry standards, and safe oil and gas production. Their commitment to effective chemical solutions contributes significantly to the energy sector’s success.

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