Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitors

Our acidizing corrosion inhibitors play a crucial role in acid treatments such as matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, acid stimulation, and sand control procedures. These inhibitors are essential for countering the destructive impact of highly acidic fluids, which can lead to severe corrosion. Chemical Tasfyeh Co. leads the way by offering a comprehensive range of top-quality corrosion inhibitors formulated to protect metal components within the wellbore, downhole, and coiled tubing.

The effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors depends on their ability to mitigate corrosion across a diverse range of steel types. The ultimate goal is to ensure lasting protection for valuable equipment and infrastructure, even under the duress of elevated acid concentrations and the rigors of high reservoir temperatures.

Chemical Tasfyeh Co. has achieved success with its acidizing product. This innovative formulation shines among others due to its excellent performance.

It has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver exceptional corrosion inhibition under a spectrum of temperature conditions. Notably, it maintains its integrity at temperatures up to 230 F before decomposition occurs. This makes it a robust and reliable solution for the challenging conditions of acid treatments.

For more severe conditions that may involve higher acid concentrations or temperatures up to 300 F, intensifiers stand as versatile option. These intensifiers can be mixed with corrosion inhibitors and decrease the severity of corrosive media. This proactive approach ensures ongoing protection for equipment, even in sever conditions i.e., temperature up to 300 F and acid concentration up to 28%.


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