Emulsion formation

Emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids that causes many problems in many oil and gas industries.  During the stimulation process, an emulsion may be formed due to the presence of water base fluids, oil, and surface-active material (such as asphaltene).  Emulsion formation causes many problems that can mention the blocking of the wellbore, changing rheology and increasing costs.

Definition and chemical composition

Non-emulsifier is used to prevent the formation of emulsion and its damages during the well stimulation process (fracturing treatment or acidizing).

Non-emulsifiers can include polymers or surfactants (nonionic or ionic) with different solvents. Emulsifier plays its role by reducing surface tension and water-wetting surface.

To choose a suitable emulsifier, not only the type of oil should be considered, but depending on the place of use, the ions in the solution also affect the performance (which should be taken into attention). Therefore, non-emulsifiers have been designed and manufactured for solutions containing calcium, iron, etc.

Features and properties

In order to use a non-emulsifier in a well, it must have properties, the most important of which are listed below.

  • It has the ability to effectively prevent the formation of emulsion
  • A suitable non-emulsifier is compatible with other formulation components
  • It can maintain its performance in solutions with low pH (acid solution).
  • Environmental compatibility of non-emulsifier makes it more desirable
  • No decomposition and reduced performance at high temperatures (up to 150 degrees Celsius)
  • It has good performance in low concentrations.

Factors influencing the efficiency of non-emulsifier

  • Temperature: Since the viscosity decreases with the increase in temperature, and on the other hand, the collision of the droplets with each other is more effective, so the increase in temperature usually improves the performance.
  • Acid: The change in pH affects the rigidity of asphalt and resin, which in turn affects the stability of the emulsion.
  • Ion: The type and amount of ions in the solution can affect the performance of the non-emulsifier.

Chemical Tasfyeh company

Chemical Tasfyeh company is an active company in the field of oil and gas industry, which has been able to export its products to different countries of the world (such as Kazakhstan, Iraq and etc.). In addition to producing non-emulsifier, this company also offers other products in the field of oil and gas, which are mentioned below.

  • Demulsifier

The presence of water-in-oil emulsion causes corrosion and failure of catalysts. The research and development team of the Chemical Tasfyeh company has been able to develop various effective demulsifiers for separating water from crude oil.  The production of different bases of demulsifier has enabled this company to provide the suitable demulsifier for different types of crude oil wells.





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